In Praise of Pollen

We’ve lived in Durham, NC, for a full year. While we were somewhat prepared to endure the hot and humid summers, we had no idea what we were in for with pollen. But we have learned quickly. We are fortunate because we don’t have allergies to deal with. But we still had to learn to keep our windows closed (even when tempted by the delightful warm temperatures and soft blowing breezes) to shut out the fine particles that infiltrate the smallest cracks and tolerate the ubiquitous yellow powder that coats everything outdoors. Still, without pollen, we would be in a dreadful state. Each grain so full of potential. So necessary for the cycle of life to continue. But, so many complaints are lodged during this time of the year against pollen, that I felt I should stick up for the minuscule yellow guys (just a little).

In honor of pollen, a haiku:

Promiscuous plants
Propelling plumes of pollen
Promised potential

That last line was suggested via by new friend on Twitter, @amfulay… thx! Other suggestions were “Perturbed Proboscis” from @stalwartEd and “Pale Powdery Paint” by @binghypo. Leave your own suggestions in the comments.

I know, I know, some of our friends elsewhere in the world are saying that they have allergies and pollen too, surely our NC event can’t be that bad. Ha! Here are some pictures to show a typical day during pollen season.

Pollen on the wetlands of the NC Museum of Life and Science

The wetlands of the NC Museum of Life and Science had a thick coating of pollen floating on the surface. With a little help from the wind and the ducks, beautiful swirls of pale yellow began to appear on the watery canvas.

Tracking through pollen

Not snow, nor volcanic ash, but pollen deep enough to reveal the paths of those who visited the lemurs.

car covered in pollen

A neighborhood car with its daily (!) coating of powdery pollen.

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  1. Jeff Frazier

    The paths of visitors, if fossilized, are called desication marks. I leave them, everywhere.

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