Hebrew Resources

Links to resources for studying and teaching Biblical Hebrew.

Karyn’s Weak Verb Chart

Page 1

Page 2

These PDF format charts are a distillation of the weak verb grammar that I used to teach, so there are some things that won’t make sense if you were not in my class. Still, if you have been through a first year Biblical Hebrew course, you should be able to figure out most of it. You may post a link to these resources, but please do not re-post the actual documents. I want to keep the most up to date versions here.

Karyn’s First Semester Hebrew Review Guide

This Review Guide distills the details of first semester Biblical Hebrew into 16 pages of one-liners and charts.

4 thoughts on “Hebrew Resources

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  4. Nick Meyer

    Hi Karyn,

    I teach Biblical Hebrew at a few institutions in Ontario, and am wondering if I can use your graphic illustrating voice in the binyanim in my classes?

    Thanks for the wonderful resources here.

    Nick Meyer


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