The Transformation of the Widgeon II

"Widgeon" Acrylic and Ink on paper Artist Karly Goodwin

“Widgeon” Acrylic and Ink on paper Artist Karly Goodwin

One of my favorite things about working at Tutka Bay Lodge this past summer was living on the Widgeon II. This unique boat has an amazing history. We have a scrapbook kept on the Widgeon for guests to see the process of the transformation from ocean vessel used to transport troops, tender herring, and capture crabs. I hope this online version gives more people the opportunity to enjoy this part of the story!

Of course, these photos don’t show the updates that Kirsten and Carl Dixon (and the team at Within the Wild Adventure Lodges) did after acquiring the Widgeon from Keith Iverson! They did a lot of work to take it to the next level: The Cooking School at Tutka Bay! Stay tuned for more stories and photos of this amazing vessel!