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Trailside views

At Tutka Bay Lodge we have several trail loops that are adjacent to the property. We hike these loops daily (sometimes more than once in a day). I love seeing the difference a day can make. Or a rainfall.

We have a temperate rain forest here on the coast. Yes, you heard that right–rain forest and Alaska. The key being a “temperate” rain forest (receiving between 60 and 200 inches of rain a year from the Pacific ocean). This is the most northern extent of this type of forest. Further to our north is the boreal forest.

We’re still seeing Spring unfurl. I can’t wait to start seeing the wildflowers burst open! Here’s a few glimpses of what I saw today. Be sure to check out (and “like”) my Stay Curious Facebook page, where I post some quick pics whenever I can!






Look at the ground

You don’t have to go to exotic places to find cool things. Take a look at your feet, wherever they are, and look carefully. You may see amazing things. Today I found these common grape hyacinths in our yard. But look closely and you’ll see amazing symmetry, smell a fragrance that’s exotic, and see more than maybe you thought was there before. What are you looking at?



Greenland from Above

Sometimes you look out the airplane window at just the right time! This is Greenland. You can see the carving of rock done by glaciers. The colors were just stunning. greenland

Gorgeous Views of Alaska (but not what you might expect)

Yes, of course we saw amazing mountains and glaciers in Alaska. But some of the real treasures were found underwater in Tutka Bay. Take a look at some of these anemones, feather worms, sea stars, and other assorted beauties! These were all found under the dock of the lodge where we were staying. Although I also took some underwater photos, these were all taken above water, focusing through the cracks of the dock segments.

Click to embiggen the images.








Tiny Kaleidescope

If you know me, you know I love tiny things. This little silver kaleidoscope was a gift and it is a treasure. It has real glass & gem pieces that create the delicate, colorful images which are amazing when you consider that the diameter of the kaleidoscope is only 4mm. But you don’t have to take my word for it, take a look yourself (via my iPhone!).