Inspiration (Where I work)

I was inspired today when I viewed this blog: Where I Write: Fantasy & Science Fiction Authors in their creative spaces. I started to wonder what the things you keep around your office say about you, your work, your inspiration. Then I decided to get brave. I took some photos of my own office space… without any tidying up first. This is a major breakthrough for me! As I looked at the images, I saw many things that I didn’t realize were in the room and other things that brought back a flood of memories. Mostly I wanted to share with you images of the “little things” that I love so much. All of the bits and pieces from all over the world that have come home in my pockets, my collecting bags, etc. I realized that each piece of ephemera has a special tale to tell. I have resolved to photograph some of these and tell their stories. But for now, I’ll just let you take a peek into the place where I spend more time than not (and please do not judge me for the mess!).

After you take a look, tell me about your own office space. What makes it “yours”?

Ephemera: my office

Ephemera: my office

Art Supplies: my office

Ephemera: my office

Working area: my office

Ephemera: my office

Books: my office

One thought on “Inspiration (Where I work)

  1. Cyndee

    In scanning your photos, I sit here in tears. We have missed so many years of friendship and sharing. My life is filled with books, children and love. It hasn’t been easy – there have been some HUGE boulders to climb over – but I am still standing and have GREAT kids. Patrik is 25, goes to college and was in the Navy (he traveled to Greece, Australia, Hawaii and Egypt) Matthew is 23 and currently in the Air Force serving in Oman (East of Saudi) as Security Forces. Kaitlyn is 20 and working on her BS in Criminology at the University of So. Fla (we live in Central Fla, east coast since ’93) My youngest, Lukas is 16 and finishing up his sophomore year in high school. He has some challenges (he has Asperger’s Syndrome) but all great wonderful loving young people. They all love the Lord and we are very close.

    I hope I hear from you – You have NO idea how excited I was when I found you. I let out a NO WAY and 3 co-workers ran over to find out what the noise was about!

    Hugs! Cyndee

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