Bears at NC Museum of Life & Science

Yesterday we arrived at the NC Museum of Life and Science in Durham just in time to watch one of the animal keepers (Erin) providing the bears with some enrichment activity. She filled some balls with syrup and then tossed them into the exhibit for Yona, Gus, and Mimi to retrieve, play with, and snack on. Ursula and Virginia (the other two bears in the exhibit) must have been taking a nap somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Bears at NC Museum of Life & Science

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  2. Mariska van Dijk

    Hi, verry interesting video’s. Can you tell me where you bought the balls and what they cost? Do the bears leave them in one piece?
    I was thinking of using them for our sunbears and sloth bears at Safaripark Beekse Bergen in the Netherlands.

    Mariska van Dijk

  3. Kristen

    Hi Mariska,
    Kristen here (a keeper at the Museum of Life and Science). That ball is a Klinker Ball from They’re about $27 (US)– not including shipping. The bears leave claw and tooth marks but leave them in one piece! Hope this helps! Feel free to contact us directly through our blog,
    Good luck enriching your bears!

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