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First posts from Mars Curiosity NASATweetup

We’re still in Cocoa Beach, FL after spending several days with folks from around the world who participated in the Mars Curiosity NASATweetup. Here’s a quick taste of the events. More to come!

Video of the Pre-Tweetup dinner at Dixie Crossroads restaurant in Titusville, FL.

Mars Curiosity Tweetup dinner from Braga on Vimeo.

Video of Bill Nye, The Science Guy, speaking to the NASATweetup tweeps in the twent on Saturday right before the launch.

Video of Bill Nye, The Science Guy, and Astronaut Doug Wheelock handling Q & A.

Video of (!) speaking to the tweeps about making science cool and communicating enthusiasm to kids so they will reach for the stars (literally).

Earth: A Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over (from ISS)

This must-see video never fails to amaze and delight me. I am sure that most people have seen it floating around the web, but I post it here for my own re-viewing pleasure. I hope you won’t mind my self-indulgence. Space, it’s one place I wish I could be. With views like this, how do astronauts ever get any work done??

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.

Be sure to view this in HD and expand it to full-view. It’s definitely worth blocking out whatever else is on your computer display at the moment.

More than just bears

You might get the impression from my Tweets and blog posts that I only pay attention to the bears at the NC Museum of Life and Science. While it’s true that the bears hold a special place in my heart, we are non-discriminatory when it comes to giving attention to all the critters at the museum. To prove this, I present two pieces of supporting evidence for my claim.

First, not all the excitement is with the animals that move around a lot. This little frog was sitting quietly on the path and was hoping we would ignore it. I only wish I had a macro lens with me to try and get a better shot of his eye. Such interesting patterns!


Second, as we were leaving today, we walked past the barnyard and saw Lightning (the donkey) kicking up quite a storm. Check out these ball handling skillz!!

Bears at NC Museum of Life & Science

Yesterday we arrived at the NC Museum of Life and Science in Durham just in time to watch one of the animal keepers (Erin) providing the bears with some enrichment activity. She filled some balls with syrup and then tossed them into the exhibit for Yona, Gus, and Mimi to retrieve, play with, and snack on. Ursula and Virginia (the other two bears in the exhibit) must have been taking a nap somewhere.