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New B2B contest: Taking notes

UPDATE: And we have some winners. I’ll be contacting Andrew, Rachel and Kris to get their contact info and will send them the small Moleskine journals (after I finish the screenprinting). Thanks to everyone who participated!

After some Twitter friends started begging for my extra Moleskine journals that were not given away at Christmas, I decided maybe I should use them as a contest prize. I plan to design a custom Gocco screen print for them.

What I want in exchange, are your comments about how you take notes. When I translate a Hebrew passage, I create a notebook which contains all the details and notes of my translation. When I read a book, I put Post-It™ notes in the margins and write my thoughts. But I also love to carry around mini Moleskine journals for keeping track of expenses, photography details, book finds, and newly made contacts. I do take notes with my laptop and iPhone too.

So, what kind of note-taking preferences do you have? Digital or paper? Do you back up notes on Evernote? Do you scan paper notes for archive purposes (I do)? What computer software or iPhone apps do you use? What kind of physical paper or notebook do you prefer?

I’ll keep this contest open until January 15th, and then I’ll pick a few comments at random to receive the Moleskine journals.

2nd B2B Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who contributed opinions and experiences about the textbooks you learned Hebrew with (or teach with). To see the original contest post (and comments), go here.


And the winners (chosen via a random number generator) are:

  • Bob MacDonald
  • John Murphy
  • Sytze van der Laan
  • Rick

I’ll be in touch with you to find out if you are going to SBL or if I need to mail the Og comic book to you.

New Contest: What Hebrew Textbook did you learn with?

UPDATE: We have our winners–Bob MacDonald, John Murphy, Rick, and Sytze van der Laan. Congratulations!

Time for another B2B contest. This time I want to know what Biblical Hebrew textbook you used when you first learned Hebrew. Leave a comment and tell me the name of the textbook and a little bit about whether you thought it was helpful. What did you like/dislike about the book?

Also, if you have taught Biblical Hebrew to other people, let me know what textbook you chose to use and why.

Your reward for your comments? I’m giving away some Og the Terrible comic books. I’ll put everyone who has contributed a comment into a random generator to select the winners! You can enter more than once by describing your experiences with different textbooks.


Get your comments in by October November 10th!

Vocabulary Resources: Part 2

My recent Boulders2Bits contest asked readers to submit suggestions for vocabulary resources. Here’s the second (of two) posts giving an annotated list of the suggestions (Part One can be found here). I’m apologizing up front for all the screen captures. I know it makes the post look cluttered, but I think it helps to visualize the programs.

Aleph Bet

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Vocabulary Resources: Part 1

My recent Boulders2Bits contest asked readers to submit suggestions for vocabulary resources. Here’s the first (of two) posts giving an annotated list of the suggestions.

Aleph Bet

Actually, two people (Joseph Kelly and Colin Toffelmire) suggested this first one.

I have used this program in conjunction with Landes: Building Your Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Learning Words by Frequency and Cognate: These two resources work well together.

Here’s my entry:
It does Hebrew and Greek, has options for flashcards, multiple-choice, fill in the blank, or a combo of those. And the kicker? Totally free!

I like this resource and will continue to use it. It has a very easy user interface, well organized word lists (for beginner through advanced based on word category and frequency), and a variety of tools (drill, flashcards, quiz).
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And the winner is…

Aleph_Bet magnets

Ken Brown!

Thank you to everyone who entered the first ever B2B contest. Ken was randomly selected from all the submissions and will be receiving his very own set of Hebrew Aleph-Bet magnets.

Ken’s suggestion was:

There’s the iVocab program, which includes the 1000 or so most common lexemes on audio-visual flashcards readable for your iPod. It also includes pre-made playlists for each of the vocab lists accompanying in several intro Hebrew Grammars. I have both the Greek and Hebrew versions and found them useful, though installing them was a bit cumbersome.

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry! This may have been the first, but it won’t be the last contest. Or should I say this may have been the Aleph, but it won’t be the Tav (see here for context).

I’ve been looking over everyone’s suggestions and will post a review of the submitted vocabulary resources soon.

First ever B2B contest (win some Hebrew magnets!)

UPDATE: We have a winner, Ken Brown. Congratulations!

I’m inspired by some fellow bloggers to get a contest going on this blog (and no, Ros, I haven’t forgotten that you won the prize for posting the first comment on the “new” blog. I’ve got your surprise ready for SBL). I’ve had several people comment or contact me about the Hebrew letter magnets for the ‘fridge. So, I’ve decided that I will offer one set of these magnets as a prize. Since this is the first time I’ve done this, I’ll run the contest for 2 weeks (ending October 10th).

Aleph_Bet magnets

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