Oy Vey! Roundup of Hebrew Tshirts

Whether you are a Hebrew student looking for a way to impress your prof or an attendee at the annual SBL conference looking to stand out in the crowd, you need to check out our list of “must-have” t-shirt links.

We’ll start with the ol’ basic aleph-bet.

Aleph Bet tshirt

Want to go paleo?

Paleo Aleph Bet tshirt

For those of you in Chicago:

Hebrew Chicago tshirt


Hebrew California tshirt

Love caffeine?

Hebrew Starbucks tshirt

Not a coffee drinker? How about a beer?

Hebrew He'Brew tshirt

… even better than a t-shirt, a bike jersey!
Hebrew He'Brew Bike Jersey

This is not strictly Hebrew… but close enough. T-shirt from real-life Shmaltz Brewing Company, the makers of HE’BREW gourmet Kosher beer, including Messiah Stout and Genesis Ale.

Can’t afford gourmet?

Hebrew Budweiser tshirt

From the “I can’t make this up” category:

Hebrew Older-than-dirt tshirt

From the designer: What better way to tell the world that you (or a forgiving female friend) are Older Than Dirt than in the language of divine revelation? Uses feminine grammatical forms. Biblical Hebrew and English.

I am not endorsing this, merely passing it on:

Hebrew What-the-hey tshirt

If you aren’t one of these, you know someone who is:
Hebrew Geek tshirt

Got any you want to add to the list?

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