Dr. Jim West: King of the Hill

We all know that Dr. Jim West leads the pack of Bibliobloggers (He even makes sure we don’t miss the monthly stats that document his secure seat at the top).

So, I thought I should find out a little more about his blog. For instance…

Do you know how his blog ranks in other countries?
Jim West's Stats

Do you know where his readership lives?
Jim West's Stats

Do you know that yesterday he garnered 0.0011% of global Internet users?

Jim West's Stats

You can check on up to the minute stats of Dr. West’s blog at this Alexa link. You can also generate your own comparison graph to see how you stack up to this giant. My own graph showed me as a flat line compared to him. I quickly went to SiteMeter to confirm that my blog does indeed still have a pulse. It would appear that I need to do some more aerobic workouts though to increase my blog strength. Or beg the good Dr. to link to me.

Kudos to everyone on the entire Biblioblog list for another good month of blogging. Check out Daniel&Tonya‘s excellent roundup at the 46th Biblical Studies Carnival (which is the first BSC to be hosted from Africa).