Observe the Ant

Prov 6:6 Hebrew

Go to the ant… observe its ways and be wise Prov. 6.6

This photo is just amazing. Taken by 24-year-old amateur photographer, Bolucevschi Vitali, who captured the title of CIWEM‘s Environmental Photographer of the Year 2009 with this picture, Talking About Stars.

Talking about Stars

On a sunny day I took a camera and set out to photograph something of the life of ants. At first I was no good as the ants moved very quickly and I was easily distracted. But gradually I was drawn to a group which was climbing up a nearby dandelion. They would each pull out one seed and then parachute to the ground.

3 thoughts on “Observe the Ant

  1. Susan Michaelson

    Love the macro lens shot! I’ve been wanting one, and now I’m going to have to really think hard about making it happen. The detail is breathtaking. It looks like 2 ants in the picture. Do I have that right?

    Also, I’m too busy to be chasing down a lexicon – however, obviously not too busy to be here! – but what do the two Hebrew words for “ant” really mean?

  2. Karyn Post author


    The Hebrew is
    “Go to the ant, O sluggard (or better, “lazybones”)
    Observe its [her] ways and be wise”

    I put the ellipsis in there to take the emphasis away from the “sluggard.”

    Yes, you need to get a macro-lens! And yes, it is two ants.

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