More Sudan Pictures

If a picture is really worth a thousand words, then maybe these photos will buy me some time to write the rest of my reports.

This is a young (maybe 8 years old) girl who is babysitting for a young infant. The child is tied to her back in the traditional way, with a blanket. When you see women walking toward you who are carrying a baby all you will see is the baby feet sticking out at her sides!

The Phoenix brand bicycle is everywhere and is definitely the preferred bicycle. This is taken at the side of the Yei EPC church. Houses are in the distance.

All set for bathing! Wash hair first, then wash clothes in that water, then wash dirt off feet. Dirty water then goes in the 55 gallon drum beside the toilet for flushing.

Camera Distribution
This is Coury and Jesse distributing disposable cameras to children at the Nehemiah School. At the end of the trip all 30 cameras were returned. We can’t wait to see what these photographers took pictures of!

This drum (about 2 feet in diameter) was used for worship on Sunday, but during the week it was our timekeeper for our Teacher Workshop. The sound of the drum indicated breakfast, tea, lunch, or whenever we were late getting back to task!

MAF airplane landing
This is the MAF plane coming in to land at the Yei airstrip to take us home.

Meeting Next Team to Yei
As we left Yei, another team arrived! I had been in touch with Erica (in the middle, me on left, Anna on right) before we came to Yei. She will also be working with training local teachers. It was great to get a few moments to exchange info and encouragement!

Villages from Air
This is a view of rural villages as we flew out of Sudan (from the MAF airplane).

Mountains seem to rise out of nothing as we leave New Sudan.

Murchison Falls, Uganda Murchison Falls, Uganda
Our MAF pilot took us down low to fly over these amazing falls (Murchison Falls) in Uganda. We also were able to see giraffes and herds of various animals. He was hoping we’d see an elephant, but we didn’t.

16 thoughts on “More Sudan Pictures

  1. Margaret

    (except for the hairwashing setup! wow! it’s easy to take being fresh & clean for
    I am very intrigued to see what pictures the village children will have taken!

    So glad you are returned safe and blessed – I will continue to pray for you as you
    get rested up and pick up your routine again!

    Much love
    (and CONGRATS on Walden #3!)

  2. David Yemba

    I am a sudanese from Kakwa or Yei town. Thank U for visiting my town I know live in Canada. I am praying that I will have the previlege U had when you visited Yei. I only heard of Yei and before I could visit Yei from Juba, the war broke out and we fled to Khartoum. I left Khartoum for India and the to Canada. God knows how I long to see my beautiful home own again. Please email me some pictures. You see before the war broke out every body want to visit! vit was even called “small london because of its beauty. The war destroyed it but it is green and it can constructed again.

  3. Karyn Post author


    Thanks for leaving your comments. I hope you are able to visit Yei again soon. We have more pictures (and videos) of Yei. I will try to get in touch with you so that we can send some to you.

  4. basiri

    hi, iam sudanese but ididn’t visit these places . but maybe in the futur.
    iam going to ask you did you find sudanese people,honstley?are we hate
    each other as they say?

  5. Baba James Elly

    It fascinates when i hear and reflect about yei.personal born in yei and left so called half london when the war broke.Though the last time i saw yei was in 1989 it was more of a paradise than what i now dayz see on line.I dont give up about yei,the so called developed countries are the go’vt and indignant struggle,therefore the challenge lies on our hands to have yei transformed to its late 80s shape.The likes of ,hela leben,lomuku,luzura and particulaly ERAP which i grew up in.Therefore pictures should’nt destroy our hopes for our greenisn,hilly,flourishing south sudan,time will justify the end.
    Though am residing in Botswana at moment my heart is back in sudan,as the say “East West home is the best”.

  6. Karyn Post author


    I very much enjoyed being with the Sudanese people in Yei. They were very warm and welcoming. Many of them have endured much hardship, but they are still generous and grateful. There is still work to be done toward restoration and understanding between the various tribes and areas of government. However, I feel that the Christians of the south are trying very hard to do their part to be hopeful and concentrate on re-building. I hope that we will be able to return to Yei and continue to build friendships with the people there.

    I am so thankful to hear from people who knew Yei before the war. You hold in your memory, like our friends in Yei, the vision for what Yei can recapture. We hope we can encourage that hope!

  7. Tulba

    Hi I’m from Southern Sudan and now living in Australia. I love your pictures and would like to get in touch with you about the vidoes…


  8. Kristen Unger

    Hi, I just stumbled upon your pictures–they are great. My husband and I are moving to Juba, Sudan, next year to fly with MAF (he’s a pilot), so we were wondering if we could borrow your picture of the plane coming in at Yei. Thanks.

  9. Victor .E. Misaka

    Thank guys for the grate job you are doing, i’m a southren sudanese male currently living in Nairobi. i very much love your pictures,the pictures of yei has encouraged me to go back so, as soon as i finish with my attachment in october this year i will go back.

  10. jan

    wonderful fotos

    i visited murchison falls in 1983 by way of boat from the park hotel

    only me and two aussies on the boat. could not beleive all the crocodiles and hippos its a beautiful place!

    hoping the area is peaceful,,,,,

  11. helena


    Am interested in talking with you about the work you were doing in Yei and the organisation you are with.

    Look forward to hearing from you

  12. Dedi Seii

    Thanks for letting me catch a glimpse of my Yei again. Its been 18 years since I left my home. I was a toddler then. The Teak trees in the picture brought back old memorable moments.

  13. penny

    i love sudan because i am in love with a sudaneese man. it feels like the home i never visited.

    am frm zambia though

  14. Peter Burgess

    Dear Colleagues

    These are beautiful pictures, and I would like to get permission to use them in connection with the Tr-Ac-Net Community Impact Accountancy project … as well any more feedback that you can share with me about your work.

    I worked with UNDP and UNHCR around Juba and Yei in the 1980s, and learned a lot about what is possible with very little when done in the right way … if you will, a BOP rather than the TOP approach.


    Peter Burgess

  15. Chol A Ajang

    Thanks A lot!!!
    I’m very glad to have this micro golden chance to thank this particular Journalist who posts these photos of my beloved country Sudan. I went to the News-Agency today and bought news paper, The Daily Telegraph. I got busy reading the paper or pretending to read because I can’t deny that I was in deeply thought of my beloved country Southern Sudan in which I saw her pictures in the website yesterday. A man passed by and I saw him through the corner of my right eye stared at the paper I was reading, and then at me.
    I thought he could see what was lingering inside my mind. Some yards away from me, he looked at me again and stopped. He was Aboriginal and I got frightened. I looked at myself closely to make sure that there was no visible sign of my dick if the zip was opened accidental, and then satisfied it was not, I looked at him back. He smiled at me and went away.
    As I looked at my paper again, to my surprise, I noticed that I had been reading it up side down. I also smiled as I turned it the right side up and I knew then that it was the reason behind the man steady look and laughing anyway.
    I therefore, take this golden opportunity to put you in picture that, I was guilty to see my country pictures and never thank you at first place and I really know you deserve it. I can’t sleep day and night because of my country despite the fact that I have already brought my house here in Sydney Australia after arriving to my second Country in November 2004 and I had secured job for my family despite World Global Financial Crisis.
    To drive the point home, home is home and nothing like it. I shall remember my Country especially Southern Sudan until Sea dried and Rivers become Ocean. Thank again, at least you shown to others and the rest of the World that we Sudanese in Diaspora had home. God will bless and prospers every work that you will do through your entire life and thanks in advance!!!
    Your Sincerely
    Chol A Ajang

  16. nicodemus mabior

    thanks for putting aside your personal interests and visiting the largest country in africa. i know you enjoyed yourselves there despite the vast problems the county has encounterd.may the almighty god bless you and also grant you another opportunity to tour sudan

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