John Garang Dies

John Garang, leader of the SPLM and newly inaugurated vice president in Sudan has died in an air crash. For details read these news releases:
CNN International Edition
BBC News Release

John Garang

The fragile peace in Sudan is being reaffirmed by the Sudanese government, but the South will need a strong leader to step up and fill Garang’s shoes. We grieve with our friends in New Sudan over their loss of this leader and our prayers are with them as they look to the future.

2 thoughts on “John Garang Dies

  1. Charles Dalton Opwonya

    God loved David, and made him live a long life.
    But he could not allow King David build his Temple because David had BLOOD in his hands, much as David extensively killed in the service of God and his Nation.

    Dr. John Garang DeMabior, a 60 year-old US educated economist who spent 40 years fighting in the bush and waged a 20-year long war on the regime in Khartoum at a cost of two million Sudanese lives.

    God would not allow him manage the peace, irrespective of his standing with God.

    Who can fathom the ways of the Eternal!

  2. J.M, Dallas, TX

    They might have killed him; but what they did not know is that there are tons of John-Garangs amang the people of South Sudan. So whatever they killed him for, is coming back. It’s just a matter of time.

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