Out of Africa

We’re still tracking down luggage, but we seem to be getting back to the normal routine. And that means Mark is blogging (and making up for not blogging for a while to boot!). He’s done a great job of describing our travel, our arrival, our accommodations, the worship service, the town of Yei and the people we met at the CWEP compound. I won’t try to duplicate those descriptions (how many times can you describe a toilet and shower room or muddy roads), but we will both start to turn our focus to describing the different activities we participated in during the week. Most notably, Mark taught Biblical counseling to the pastors-in-training at the CLIS school and I worked with Anna teaching 18 local teachers. The Teacher Workshop (coordinated by the EPC Education Coordinator) pulled together some of the faculty from 10 local primary schools.

For now, you can read Mark’s series (so far, 4 parts) by clicking here.