Low tide treasures

Today we had a nice low tide and went out to a different area of our coast to explore the intertidal zone. Look what we found!

This is a hairy triton (Fusitriton oregonensis). We saw a few today, but THIS one is brooding its eggs! So cool.


Then we found a frilled dogwinkle (Nucella lamellosa), which we had never seen before!


We also found this little six-armed sea star clutching a piece of mussel shell with a bunch of small eggs on it.

2 thoughts on “Low tide treasures

  1. Michala

    Hey Karyn – you post the most amazing stuff!! I’m envious of your time in Alaska – always wanted to go there. Keep on sending those great shots!

  2. Martha

    How long will the hairy triton brood its eggs? The eggs are the white part in the photo?

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