Internet URLs Open to Additional Orthographies

Great news!

The nonprofit body that oversees Internet addresses approved Friday the use of Hebrew, Hindi, Korean and other scripts not based on Latin characters in a decision that could make the Web dramatically more inclusive.

Entire article here.

HT: Mark T.

3 thoughts on “Internet URLs Open to Additional Orthographies

  1. Ros

    Do you know how this will work in practice, Karyn? I am trying to work out how I would access, say a Cyrillic or Japanese url, with my standard western keyboard?

  2. Karyn Post author


    On my Mac I have several “keyboards” that I’ve enabled and toggle between. Your physical keyboard can map to foreign font characters so that you can input various unicode font sets.

    You can also just insert individual unicode characters which you could probably find in your character palette (I forget how to do this on a PC). Does that make sense?

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