Heard about the Accordance Training Seminar

Dr. Chris Heard (of Higgaion) reports on the Accordance training seminar that he attended this week at the Master’s Seminary: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3 and Session 4.

His comments about Session 3 just explain that they covered language searches (which he already knew how to do, so he didn’t take notes). But Session 1 has a few good tidbits and Session 2 talks about fuzzy searches. Session 4 focused on reference tools, the atlas, timeline, and user tools.

I especially like some of the keyboard shortcuts (highlighted in Session 1) that I didn’t know about (or had forgotten) and the very cool ability to…

point to a word in a tagged text and then press the Shift key, the content of the Instant Details window will “freeze” and a new icon on the Instant Details window will light up. Clicking on that icon copies that data to the system clipboard. If you point to a word in a tagged text and then press the [Command] key, the Instant Details box will display the full entry from the topmost relevant tool.

Check out all the parts of his summary. But don’t forget there are many support videos online at Accordance too. I talk about them here, on my post “Accordance 101.”

And in case you missed it, Higgaion has a podcast now. Be sure to listen and subscribe.