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Brown Bear viewing at Cape Douglas (Alaska)

Quick video compilation of some bear viewing scenes. This is at Cape Douglas in Katmai National Park (Alaska). My time is taken up with guiding and other responsibilities, so the edited version will have to wait until I return to NC, but I wanted to share at least this for now! Don’t forget to keep checking the Stay Curious Facebook page for photos and quick updates (you don’t have to join Facebook to view the public page).

What does a bear cave look like?

At the Museum of Life and Science, I sometimes get to go into the bear yard (when the bears are in the bearhouse). After scooping LOTS of bear poo, I explored the bear cave in the cliff where the bears like to sleep. Here’s what they see, and what it looks like inside their snug hideout.

Me, snuggled up in the back of the cave. The bears take up more room than me! I had to be careful because they had left LOTS of bear poo in there near the sides of the entrance.

View from inside the bear cave, looking out to the rest of the exhibit. See the bearhouse in the distance?