Snow Crystals captured by my iPhone

Earlier this month I had another chance to try my hand at photographing snow crystals with my iPhone and a macro lens. I’ve tried several iPhone macro lens attachments, but I have to say I’ve had the best success with the very simple Easy-Macro Lens. It’s basically a special rubber band with a lens embedded in it. This means the lens can be used with any smartphone… and even my iPad. So, on to the results!

These are the snow crystals from my visit to Ithaca, NY at the end of December (2012). I used a black scarf to collect the falling crystals, then I moved into an open bay of the garage (cold, but no more snow falling on me). I identified snow crystals that seemed like good candidates, then got my iPhone and lens REAL close. I had forgotten my tripod, so I steadied the phone with a box.

Pretty cool, huh?

(Next time it snows, I’m set. I’ve got my lens, my tripod ready, and some pretty amazing crystal micro-mounts from my brother-in-law Rob)