Safely Home from Sudan (and Uganda and Kenya)

We are home! Thanks so much for all your prayers. We have been up for about 28 hours now, and are ready to hit the sack (but I wanted to get a few pictures up to hold you until we get a chance to really decompress and write about our time). Actually, the team is only half home. It’s a long story, but half the team ended up having to stay one extra day in London. They should be back in the US at 7 pm on Monday night. The other thing that is not home yet is all our checked luggage. We had a very tight connection between our Entebbe, Uganda flight and our Nairobi, Kenya flight. Fortunately, we made it on the plane… unfortunately, our luggage didn’t. But the luggage is not lost, it will just be delayed getting to us. Mark, Karyn, Esther and Nick arrived around midnight on Sunday/Monday and we were picked up at the airport by our pastor (thanks Geoff!). We were so thankful to finally walk up the stairs to our apartment, only to discover that both locks on the apartment door had been locked and we only had one of the keys! Our neighbor had placed some mail in the apartment and had dutifully locked everything up. We were beginning to think we would have to sleep in the hallway until the office opened (it was almost 3 a.m.), but we were able to call on our cell phone to our neighbor’s phone and leave a message. Fortunately for us she heard the phone and woke up and she passed the extra keys out through her door (thanks Elizabeth!). We’ll be traveling up to the Newark airport tomorrow evening to rejoin the remainder of the team as they arrive home. We promise we’ll get more stories, details, photos, etc. up on the blog soon.

This is a view of the Yei River from the back of the CWEP compound where we stayed.
View of Yei River

The building with the bicycle in front is the kitchen. You can see where the women wash the dishes in the back.

This is a view of the side of the church and some goats resting in the shade. This is the building where Karyn and Anna held the teacher workshop.
EPC church building

These are some photos of the teachers in our workshop (we had five full days for the workshop).
Teacher Workshop Teacher Workshop

Here are some of the schoolchildren from the Nehemiah School. Each school has different color uniforms.
Nehemiah School students

I’m holding a little 4 month old (one of a set of twins belonging to one of the teachers in our workshop). Mark’s birthday was celebrated while we were in Sudan. We had to improvise a little!
Karyn Mark

8 thoughts on “Safely Home from Sudan (and Uganda and Kenya)

  1. Melissa

    Great to hear that you made it back safely. We are looking forward to hearing all about it! (Karen gave me your message:)). Gets some rest! Love ya!
    Melissa and Jim

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  3. Richard

    Hi this is Richard a student in Washington state, im glad to the some photos from from. I was born in yei and lived in Uganda untill i moved here. I also have lots of faily residing in Yei curently. If anyone you know is planing on going back soon let me know maybe i can send some gifts. Im also p

  4. Karyn Post author

    I’ve responded to Richard via email. I am excited to hear from more and more people from Yei and Sudan. I have had several people email me because they saw our posts about going to Yei.

  5. Ezurmi Ebo

    Anna i can see from this sight that you love africa,so i want to ask for your plans towards my country GHANA?will you love to visit?pls come to GHANA and visit us too.

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