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Greetings from London! The team metup at Newark’s Liberty International Airport yesterday and begin the long trek to Yei, Sudan. We had a relatively uneventful first leg to London. The only hiccup (that we know of) is that half the team was able to check their baggage on through to their final destination (Entebbe, Uganda) and the other half wasn’t. It may have been new ticketcounter employee training day. There was no apparent reason for why some were allowed and others were denied (one agent said for security, another said, “no, that’s not true”). One other agent told part of our group that they had standby tickets for Kenya, but this was apparently not the code for standby, but the initials of someone who issued part of the ticket. Anyway, we were able to claim our luggage in London and will have to just check it on to Nairobi and Entebbe when we check in for our flight. The Virgin Atlantic flight was fine, but I think a quick survey of the team would find that we would give up the choice of 24 movies, dozens of TV shows, text-messaging on personal monitors between passengers, and the breakfast for a few more inches to spread out.

That may be why most of the team went to stretch their legs for a bit in London. We have a 10 hour layover, so everyone except Mark and Karyn (who chose to sleep and guard luggage for the day…albeit in the airport hotel) took the Tube (London Underground) and went off for a bit of exploring. Nick was thrilled to finally see the signs and hear the announcements to “Mind the Gap.”

We did get to have a team prayer time in the airport before starting out on the trip, and we are so thankful for all your thoughts and prayers for us. Our next leg will be the 8 and ½ hour trip to Nairobi, then a quick one hour jaunt to Entebbe, and then we meet the MAF pilot for our small plane trip to Yei. We won’t be able to get internet access again until we are in Yei. We will try to post some pictures as soon as we can.

9 thoughts on “On the Way

  1. Margaret

    Wow! We’re praying for you guys! Good thing you guys
    lots of experience keeping a sense of humor in transit!

    Anybody know what “Mind the Gap” means?

  2. Grace

    Hi–I’m a stranger who stumbled upon your blog while searching for information on the Hebrew/Greek courses at WTS. (I’ll be applying to WTS for the summer of ’06 after returning from the mid.east if all works out…) Just wanted to say thanks so much for your insights about academia at WTS and the joy of learning and about living w/ less and sharing the difference (Sudan Project). A sister in Christ, Grace

  3. John E

    “mind the Gap” is an advertisement for a clothing store.

    No- it really refers to the rquest to take care when entering or leaving and Underground car so that you do not get caught in the space (gap) between the station platform and the floor or the train.

  4. Karyn

    Quick update from Yei…. we are lacking good internet right now, so I cannot post. Things are well. We are safe and sound, healthy and enjoying the work here. People are wonderful, food is good, the teaching and training is going well. We’ll post more when we are able. Thanks for your prayers and support. Karyn

  5. Former Resident of Yei

    We’re praying for you daily here! Blessings to you and all those whom you are helping!

  6. Barbara

    So glad to hear that all is well – God is so good!! Thanks for the quick update! You are ever in my prayers and heart!

  7. JOHN

    Sorry about my poor typing. Subway is to NY as Underground is to London. An underground car is a subway car.

  8. Geoff

    We are praying every day for you. I am so much looking forward to hearing how God will use you in the Sudan, and how we American Christians can learn from the Sudanese. I am very thankful for this team of ambassadors of Christ.

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