4 thoughts on “New Orleans Street Music

  1. Editilla

    You should show when you put money in their basket! You did put money in their basket right? Of course you did! Some people still don’t realize that is actually why those cats are out there and they need it. I hope they did well that day, but I didn’t see anyone Hit the Hat the whole song! Yikes! It ain’t like it used to be never is I suppose.

    I’ve played a couple of summers in front of the Boulder Books Store…it ain’t like that in Quarters as you may have noticed…although Pearl Street isn’t too far behind atomically speaking hehehe.
    Glad you got to catch the Po’boy Festival too?
    Thanks youz.

  2. Karyn Post author

    Totally! I even put more in because I took a video for my blog. If you know this group and they have a website, let me know so I can draw attention to it.

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