More than another Crumb under the table

Much has been said about Crumb’s new Genesis comic. I’ll leave that to others to comment on.

Instead, I want to highlight another graphic novel that’s been around for a few years, but which you may not be familiar with. The Jewish Publication Society released JT Waldman’s Megillat (Esther) in January 2006. It is still worth your time to check it out.

The publisher’s website has a number of links to reviews. An exceptional review (not listed on the publisher’s site) was written by Richard McBee for the Jewish Press (found here). I also direct you to the Waldman’s website which has an extensive preview of the comic.

Waldman’s work, unlike Crumb’s Genesis, includes the Hebrew text (in the frames and margins of the comic), which makes it useful for using in language learning.

Megillat Preview
This image is from the author’s preview site where you can scroll through pages of an extensive preview.

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