Let’s talk content

Daniel & Tonya have posted the first installment of their “hypothetical” syllabus for teaching Biblical Hebrew to a group of adults. They describe the class (and participants) this way:

This hypothetical Hebrew class is offered through and meets at a hypothetical, local Baptist church. All the hypothetical students are members or attenders of the church. They all have hypothetical jobs, hypothetical families, and many other hypothetical obligations. The class will meet for two hypothetical hours in the evening once per week for twenty weeks.

An overview of the entire syllabus is here. It’s actually not completely hypothetical. They did teach this course a few times and the only thing that is hypothetical is that they combined the experiences of all the sections taught into one description.

I’ll be interested to read why they choose to include (or exclude) certain material. I hope we can then move on to define a hypothetical seminary course (for a particular student population) and discuss the content for that course. Along the way, we’ll probably talk about resources and methodology to implement these courses.

B&T continue with Syllabus – Vol. 2 here.