Kids learning Hebrew

Hebrew quizThis is a quiz from 7-year-old Éva. I dictated the names of Hebrew letters and she wrote them down, except for #3, which asked the question, “What sound does בּ make?” She’s doing a terrific job learning Hebrew this year. She can identify all the Hebrew characters by name, tell you what sound they make, and write them all. She can put a set of letters in alef-bet order. She knows some vocabulary and will soon start sounding out and pronouncing words. I hope she keeps this up for the rest of her life. Just think what an advantage she will have!

Oh, and did I mention that I’m teaching her (and her brother) via the internet? We’re using Google video-chat and an eLearning classroom. Her mom scanned her quiz and emailed it to me. I love technology.


2 thoughts on “Kids learning Hebrew

  1. Hebrew Scholar

    This is a really inspiring post. It is so delightful to hear children learning the Hebrew Alphabet. I have two boys (Nathan aged 2 and Jacob aged 4) and will soon start teaching Jacob Hebrew. Children are much more willing to learn Hebrew than adults.

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