Finding the Missing Root

Here’s a quick way to find the missing root for a BH weak verb:
Grammar Flash Cards

NOTE: the term “prefix pronoun” is what I would call a preformative. The term “pronoun” may be confusing but he is using it because the verb form indicates the implicit subject pronoun for the verb. This doesn’t cover every situation, but it is a nice little tool to keep in mind. I am still running possible verbs through this method to see how well it works. If you find one that does NOT work, please leave a comment.

This is just one Hebrew Grammar flashcard from the Hebrew course at the Free Church Seminary in Scotland. David Murray (now at Puritan Reformed Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI) developed a full set of video lectures and resources based on Bonnie Kittel’s Biblical Hebrew textbook. At the bottom of the page of lecture links, there is a link to download a set of grammar flashcards (PDF format). Not everyone will find Kittel’s method to their liking, but this website certainly complements the book nicely.

The website also has a useful set of vocabulary resources which I will highlight tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Finding the Missing Root

  1. danielandtonya


    I don’t like the inductive learning method cause I’m not a good inductive learner.


    Very helpful post. Christo’s got me tutoring some undegrads who could use this. I’ll pass it along. Thanks.

    1. Karyn Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      I think you hit the nail on the head… there is no one “correct” or “best” method. The choices of textbook, method and curriculum are all dependent on not only student, but also the teacher. In the classroom there is a different dynamic for every section. It can even vary depending on what time of day you meet.

  2. Nathan

    These are helpful, but they don’t work for geminate roots. For geminate fientives (sbb), the preformative vowel is a qametz. For statives (qll), it is a sere. Rules 1 and 2 will not help with one of the most confusing types of weak verbs.

    1. Karyn Post author

      Thanks, Nathan. I appreciate you taking the time to think through this example and this limitation of the resource.

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