8 thoughts on “Eisenbrauns September Sale: Hebrew & Ugaritic!

  1. Carl F. Hostetter

    Cool! Can you recommend any particular resources for the interested but COMPLETE novice in Biblical Hebrew?

    (Also, the link doesn’t work for me. I had to Google it, and got this URL instead: )

  2. Karyn Post author


    Thanks for letting me know about the link. I think it is fixed now.

    Holladay’s lexicon is the student lexicon I recommend for class.

    I will, or course, recommend Christo van der Merwe’s Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar, and not just because he is my advisor.

    The texts (BHS, in various editions) and a few fascicles of BHQ (Biblia Hebraica Quinta) are offered at good prices, but if you already have the texts you may not need these.

    What you need to do is convince me to teach a Biblical Hebrew class online, and then you won’t have to describe yourself as a complete novice anymore!

  3. Carl F. Hostetter

    Thanks for the recommendations! I ordered the van der Merwe BHRG, since obviously anyone with the great good sense to work with you is a person of superior discernment and fortune!

    I indeed already have the BHS in both printed (bought at Westminster during one of my visits) and Accordance versions; and the Accordance version of BDB, so I can probably forego the Holladay lexicon.

    Would you consider teaching a Biblical Hebrew class online, so I won’t have to describe myself as a complete novice anymore? 😉 Truly, I would LOVE the opportunity.

    (Speaking of online courses: I’m still going to try to participate in the _Gödel, Esche, Bach_ discussion, but this dental agony has put me far behind in my reading plan….)

  4. Carl F. Hostetter

    BTW, you might be interested to know that I’ve pre-ordered the third volume of Goldingay’s series on Old Testament Theology (having already obtained the first two from Westminster). I’m grateful to you and Mark for recommending this series to me!

  5. Carl Hostetter

    Got my copy of the van der Merwe “Reference Grammar”, and an informative guide to translating from the LXX, from Eisenbraun today. Thanks for recommending the former, Karyn, and thanks to the folks at Eisenbraun for the fine service!

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