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For students translating (or studying) Amos who may not have access to programs like BibleWorks, Accordance, or Logos, Tim Bulkeley has made available a nice (free) online resource (he also has a blog).
In his own words:

I teach Old Testament/Hebrew Bible at the University of Auckland and at Carey Baptist College, I prepared the Amos commentary and the associated Bible Dictionary material, as a prototype of a much more ambitious project to eventually produce a multi-author commentary/dictionary that covers the whole Bible.

You can check it out here. If you like it, but prefer to access the material offline, you can order a CD with the same material.

The text is viewable in English or Hebrew. If you click on a Hebrew word, you can read some lexical info in one of the boxes. A nice feature is that you can also hear each verse in English or Hebrew.

Amos Online

Jim also has some notes on Ruth and Jonah (which I have not had the time to look through yet).

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