A Few of My Favorite Things (to use when teaching Biblical Hebrew)

Who says learning Biblical Hebrew has to be dull? Here are a few things (in no particular order) that I recommend to liven up your language learning/teaching.

Aleph Bet Magnetic Letters
Aleph_Bet magnets
These are just fun to have on the fridge at home, but you can also use them for all kinds of games.

Aleph Bet Sliding Puzzle
Aleph Bet Sliding Puzzle

The ever popular Passover 10-Plagues Finger Puppets
10 Plagues Puppets
Also available here.

Og the Terrible Comic Books


See my earlier blog post on Comic Books to Learn By.

Hebrew Scrabble

Harder to find (and usually more expensive), but fun to pull out on game night. Try ebay or Google to find your own copy of the game. Look for “Blanko” too (another name for the Hebrew version). There is also a Blanko Jr. version that you might find.
Hebrew Scrabble

Hebrew Stickers
Hebrew Stickers Hebrew Stickers
Nothing improved quiz averages like when I started silently putting stickers on papers. All of a sudden people were asking “Hey, how come I don’t have a sticker? How can I get a sticker?” Mind you, these were grad students.

Food (all students, everywhere, love food)
Apples & Honey for Rosh Hashanah
Apples and Honey for Rosh Hashanah
for Chanukah
I also make weak verb muffins (Mini blueberry muffins with and without the blueberries… to illustrate that sometimes the root doesn’t show up).

8 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things (to use when teaching Biblical Hebrew)

  1. Ros

    Hebrew scrabble! Surely that’s incredibly difficult because so many words have only three or four consonants?

  2. Colin Toffelmire

    Nice stuff Karyn! My supervisor always runs a Hebrew scrabble game at the end of each semester of Intermediate Hebrew, called “The Battle of the Champions.” We play in teams, eat pizza and there are prizes (usually duplicate books from his library) for the winners. It’s an awesome time. So far my loosing streak is intact (0-2).

  3. Karyn Post author

    What a great supervisor!

    Get thee to ebay (there is a Hebrew Scrabble set up for auction, ending in a few days). Another copy sold the other day for $34.

  4. oscar

    I have some similar gadgets of my own to remember the Hebrew alef-beis when using my hebrew and aramaic dictionnary.

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