You know you’ve moved to the South when…

… it is the last week of October and you are still harvesting ripe tomatoes from the vine.

Late tomatoes

5 thoughts on “You know you’ve moved to the South when…

  1. Karyn Post author

    Mike, are you really harvesting ripe tomatoes in British Columbia? I’ll need photo documentation to believe that!

  2. Mark

    we haven’t had a killing frost here in Kansas yet. I’m still harvesting chili peppers. We had a lot more rain than usual this summer and it washed most of the organic fertilizer out of the soil. The end of season tomatoes that are left are tiny–but the Tabasco, Anaheim, and Poblanos are doing great.

    Kansas is a northern state by popular vote–if the bandits from Missouri had had there way, we would have been a Southern state.

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