We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

I try to keep the subject matter of this blog free from too many personal posts or cute family photos. So, please forgive this intrusion into the typical line-up of content. I want to give some brief information about the events of this past week that may affect my blogging over the next few months.

Just a few days after returning home from SBL, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer (T3). These things often come as a surprise, but we knew that because of family history, this was always a risk for Mark. Fortunately, we live just down the road (literally) from Duke and they have one of the best cancer centers in the US. Mark will be undergoing daily radiation for 5 1/2 weeks, along with chemotherapy to target the tumor and make it more sensitive to the radiation. After a break from the radiation, he will undergo surgery to remove the section of his colon with the cancer. So far there is no indication that the cancer has spread to lymph nodes. We are very grateful that we will be able to travel, as planned, for Christmas to see friends and family and that the radiation treatment won’t have to begin until January 4.

I’m not going to journal about this on my blog. I won’t be giving updates or “processing” here. If you are so inclined, you can check out the Facebook group that Mark is keeping updated with details (and some pretty hilarious gallows humor).

This post was just the easiest way to let my readers know that the next few months will probably hold some uncertainty for my work, research and writing. But I won’t be completely offline and I’m still working on projects. Life goes on, and both Mark and I know that we want to keep moving forward with projects, life, and family even as we have some unwelcomed doctors’ appointments on the calendar for the next few months. We do appreciate the care and encouragement that friends have shared with us.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

10 thoughts on “We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

  1. James McGrath

    Karyn, thank you for sharing this, and I wish to not only echo what other commenters have said, but also to encourage you that blogging at its best is not simply a means of unidirectional communication but also provides an opportunity for community and support. So by all means let your readers know when you are struggling with difficult circumstances – and I suspect most of us would not mind at all if you shared a cute family photo or two!

  2. Karyn Post author

    Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. And thank you James, for the encouragement to let my blogger friends be part of the journey we are on.


  3. Ze'ev Clementson


    The shortest Hebrew prayer (from Numbers 12:13) is also often the most heartfelt:
    אל, נא רפא נא לו
    Best wishes to both you and your husband and may he have a speedy recovery.

    Shalom uv’rachot,

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