3 thoughts on “Thinking about Genesis from the view of Revelation

  1. John Murphy

    A couple of objections to Mr. Enns:

    1. Most evangelicals objection to evolution does not stem from their reading of Genesis per se, it stems from their interpretation of the scientific data. Thus Michael Behe in “The Edge of Evolution.”

    2. Mr. Enns states that Revelation is symbolic and figurative. Perhaps. Perhaps not. The point is that what part of Revelation is symbolic and what part literal we have no way of knowing. That same reading of Zechariah would say, “The Messiah betrayed by 30 pieces of silver?” Purely symbolic. No, literal. Elijah will come before the advent of Christ. Literal? No, symbolic.

    I would like to know how Mr. Enns KNOWS that Revelation is purely figurative. Just stating the fact does not an argument make.

  2. Karyn Post author

    Hi John,

    I want to encourage you to post this comment over on the Science and the Sacred blog. I think Pete always likes to have sincere questions from folks and I think more people probably have the same question about trying to figure out what is symbolic/figurative and what is not in scripture.


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