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Wanted: Team for Top Secret Mission!

I received an email from the Chief at Operation Experimonth (see here for previous Experimonth project). Experimonth is a project of the Life and Science Museum which usually tackles month-long experiments. Here’s all the info I have on the current challenge:

“Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is to electronically pass a secret word across the country with the help of your friends. Once your word reaches the destination, a clue will be revealed. This clue will point to a prize, which will be hidden in plain sight somewhere in Durham, NC on July 1st. The prize will self-destruct on August 1st, 2012.”

“In order to participate you will need a team of exactly eleven other people to help you. We were thinking you might find those conspirators within the ScienceOnline community, but anyone with a reasonable level of cleverness and responsibility will do.”

“If you sign up to participate, you will receive further instructions along with your secret word on July 1st.”


So… I’ve accepted the challenge, but I need to find my 11 co-conspirators. I’m looking for:

  • people who will be available on July 1st
  • people who respond quickly via Twitter, G+ and/or email (not sure what method we will be using)
  • people spread across the country… Ideally, I think we want a line of folks from NC (me) to CA.

Will you accept the challenge with me? To jump in for one of the 11 slots on my team, please email me, or get my attention on Twitter!

Yours in top secret confidence,

PS – I suggest you follow @experimonth on Twitter