ScienceOnline Needs our Help

From the ScienceOnline website:

As a young nonprofit, we are charged with demonstrating broad public support for our organization so that we can maintain our 501(c)(3) status. So, in addition to seeking larger individual donations, and applying for grants, we need donations from a broad donor base. Here’s how we can do that. We are asking for donations of $20.14 from 2,014 individuals before the beginning of the year 2014. Will you be one of the 2,014?


ScienceOnline® is a non-profit organization that facilitates conversations, community, and collaborations at the intersection of Science and the Web. We do this through online networks, face-to-face events (both global and grassroots), and projects such as ScienceSeeker (our online tool to find science content on the web) and The Open Laboratory (our annual anthology of the best science writing online).

Our conferences bring together scientists, journalists, and other stakeholders for meaningful conversation so they can build trust and learn to understand each other. This results in better communication about the science to the public and to policymakers – from both the journalist and the researcher.

We build and support this community that encourages one another, networks, brainstorms, mentors, learns and is generous about sharing data and information. This results in joint projects, leads for job opportunities, and information about potential funding sources.

We enable connections between researchers in diverse fields of science by bringing them out of their specialized conferences and tapping into their shared experience of using the internet to do and communicate science online.

In January 2013, we had 450 attendees present at our annual conference (we keep attendance small to ensure good interaction). But there are currently 5,699 unique Twitter users who continue the conversation online with the conference hashtag! This community stays in touch via the hashtag all year.

We are looking for ways to include more people in the conversations about science communication and doing science on the web. There are three areas we are currently working on: local satellite groups (both in the US and abroad); regional events and topical events (e.g. ScienceOnline Climate in DC in August, ScienceOnline Oceans in Miami in October), and resource tools for professional development.

This year we also added 24 global Watch Parties to our flagship conference, multiplying the number of people adding content to the conversation. We are looking to increase our global reach with creative ways to include distant groups.

Our website maintains an archive of videos captured from our various events so that we can serve and empower the community with an ongoing, free, resource.

We’re all in this together. Our goals overlap. We (and you, we think!) want science to be done well, to be communicated accurately, to effect change, and to be accessible.

The conversations, relationships, collaborations, and communication that come out of the ScienceOnline projects, events, and community will do that.

We think you want to see science communicated effectively. You can ensure that we are able to create the atmosphere and provide the tools needed to allow the ScienceOnline community to grow and be effective. Come join us!

Please be one of the 2,014 and contribute $20.14. Click here to donate.