Joseph Kelly’s Review of The Priestly Vision of Genesis 1 by Mark Smith


Good review by Joseph Kelly of Mark Smith‘s recent book, The Priestly Vision of Genesis 1, by Mark Smith.

I’ve been reading this, but have not yet had the time to write about it here. Hopefully Joseph’s review will convince you the book is worth your time. It has been worth my time (which these days comes at a premium).

One thought on “Joseph Kelly’s Review of The Priestly Vision of Genesis 1 by Mark Smith

  1. John Murphy

    “Building off the scholarly consensus that Genesis 1 is a creation text of the sixth century written from a priestly perspective.”

    Ever since I first heard the rudiments of the JEDP theory as a sophomore at the University of Southern California in my (Shred The) New Testament Introduction course, It’s reminded me of the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    Suffice to say that I’m not convinced that his starting point is correct at all.

    Give me Eta Linnemann!

    “For many years I had taught my students the historical-critical theory that there is a synoptic problem, whose only solution is the two-source theory. I taught that Matthew and Luke copied Mark, and then added their own information from another source. Now I found this had no basis. It is nothing but a hypothesis, though it is considered by many to be a fact. I began to examine these things, studying the arguments one by one. I concluded that there is not the slightest proof of it, and the arguments for it are based on secular reasoning.” Eta Linnemann

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