Garden: One Month of Growing

It’s amazing what can happen in one month. These photos of our garden(s) are not only a report on the agriculture of our backyard, but an illustration of what is hopefully occurring simultaneously in our own lives. It seems like a very verdant time, in many ways.

But first, the photos.

These are lilies of the valley from Hannah’s garden in Philly. She brought them down for me to start my own bed. Lilies of the Valley are one of my favorite flowers. They will be planted in the side bed.

Red Hobbit columbine from my sister, Barbara (for my birthday). They are a beautiful two-tone color and will look nice with the other columbine that I am cultivating.

Here’s our garden on May 9, 2009. Four weeks after it was planted! See what it looked like only a month ago! garden_090411
We’ve been eating lettuce for dinner salads for about 2 or 3 weeks. The zucchini has some flowers now. All the tomato plants are taller than the kids and have blossoms (and even a few green tomatoes). The broccoli is beginning to form a head, but something else is eating its leaves. The sugar snap peas are grabbing onto the trellis that we made of twigs.

We put the mint in a large galvanized bucket so that we could contain its invasive habits. In the middle of the three varieties of mint we have a pepper plant.

We grew some sunflowers from seed and they are starting to come up near the shed.

Here are two of our three rainbarrels that we hope to use to water the gardens with during the hot, dry summer. Durham encourages residents to use rainbarrels, which is the exact opposite of what happened to this one poor farmer in Colorado.

I always thought Tulip Trees were so named because of the shape of their leaves. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was wrong when I walked outside and saw this sight in our neighbor’s yard.

In addition to gardening, yard maintenance, and general household chores, I’ve been swimming at a local indoor pool (and have even started working out with a Masters’ team… which includes anyone older than 18). Ethan, Maggie, and Ruby have all been to the pool with me (Ruby is a natural fish and loves the water). We’ve discovered LocoPops, Parker & Otis, the Durham Farmers’ Market, and some local color. In fact, we will soon need to find some black and hot pink for Mark.

We do “work” too (maybe that should be “work for money”, since I certainly have been “working” quite a bit outdoors). I just finished teaching another semester of a distance learning course for UVA. And I’m also writing, researching, writing, researching, and more writing… but as you may have noticed, not writing so many blog posts. I’ve got other deadlines looming, so please forgive the dearth of posts here. I guess you could say I’m living life more than documenting it right now. I’m also doing a lot of private thinking which will eventually (hopefully) be cogent enough for public. So, I’m saving up ideas and memories for the future. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Garden: One Month of Growing

  1. John

    Karyn – You were born with 10 green thumbs…no wonder I ended up with the brown ones. I am enjoying seeing the garden updates. Gives me inspiration…

  2. Mark Traphagen

    I know most people are going to pay attention to the literal garden (and well you should; Karyn and Sarah have done a spectacular job!), but for me the metaphoric application at the end is most special. Many have pointed out that the Bible begins in a garden and ends in a city, and that city contains all the fruitfulness and blessings of the original garden plus so much more. We have now landed in a city where we are blessed in so many ways, including a fruitful garden.

  3. Mindy Withrow

    Keep up with the private thinking, Karyn. I love that you link this to gardening toil and expectations of a fruitful summer; when your thoughts are full grown, we’ll all be here to participate in the feast!

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