Encounter with a Crayfish!

crayfishWe found this little guy on the Explore The Wild path at the NC Museum of Life and Science. Normally, you don’t see them on the path (and usually only early in the morning), but after a heavy rain, he apparently decided it was time for a walk.

Stay Curious out there! You never know what you will see when you look around!

2 thoughts on “Encounter with a Crayfish!

  1. Emily Buehler

    How big was he? I might have seen one in the road when biking a few days ago. At the time I thought, “Someone must have been driving with lobster leftovers from dinner and thrown a tail out the car window” … which I now realize would be very odd behavior indeed. Adventuresome crayfish on rainy day makes a lot more sense.

    1. Karyn Traphagen Post author

      He was about six inches long. I love finding crazy things when I’m out walking or bicycling!

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