4 thoughts on “Current Status

  1. Ros

    I use the Leechblock add-on for Firefox which lets you decide which sites to block (or all) and for how long (you can set it, for example, to give you 5minutes access/hour) and between which times of day. When you are locked out, you can’t change the settings. It does require some willpower, but it works pretty well.

  2. Karyn Post author

    Hi Ros. I think the thing I like about Freedom is that, like Leechblock, you can set it for how long you want to have “freedom” from distractions/interruptions, but unlike Leechblock, it affects all your network connections. So, no email, no Twitter (via things like TweetDeck), etc. I’m just frustrated that I have reached the point where my own discipline to go off the grid needs some digital assistance.

  3. Ros

    Yes, I can see that. I could (but I don’t) block my email using Leechblock, since I only use web-based mail. But I like to still be able to access things like the library catalogue or ATLAS if I need to, so Leechblock works well for me.

  4. Karyn Post author

    Ah! I totally forgot about using online resources. Hmm. I’ll have to think this through a little more. Thanks for the reminder.

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