Christian Attitudes Toward Hypnosis (a survey commissioned by CTR)

Alan Streett, editor of the Criswell Theological Review sent me a note, which I quote here.

The Spring 2010 Criswell Theological Review (CTR) will focus on the mind-body connection. Besides articles by Joel Green and other scholars, we will include the results of the first-ever survey of Christian attitudes toward hypnosis, which we have commissioned. The findings should be interesting and significant.

Hopefully, you can let your blog readers know about this and encourage them to take the survey at:

We want to get a sampling from a wide range of people from within the Christian community.


Alan Streett, editor
Criswell Theological Review

The mind-body connection has been in the news recently (e.g. the NPR series The Science of Spirituality) and as a result I’ve been involved with some interesting conversations regarding this topic. Whatever your thoughts about the mind-body connection or hypnosis, let your opinions be part of the survey the Review has commissioned. And then, be on the lookout for the journal next year to see the results!