Balancing Act

I guess I’m addicted. My desk is a veritable stonehenge of sorts. If only the rest of my life was as balanced.

This was re-posted by special request, so some of the comments are from the “past.” I wanted to make sure that you didn’t think the folks commenting were traveling through time. For that, see LOST.

19 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. Christian Cryder

    Dang, this is so cool! As far as larger projects, I can think of all kinds of places back in Montana – high moutain vistas with miles and miles of granite boulder fields to pick from. With a couple of people who knew how to build these things I’ll bet you could create some pretty spectacular… what do you call them anyway? cairns? piles? hmmm… whatever they are. I’m eager to play with these! Thanks for sharing the pics! 🙂

  2. Karyn Post author

    Hmmm… pretty pathetic. I’m going to have to work on some more impressive looking constructions.

  3. Daliel

    Hi Karyn,
    I’m the sponsor / designer / webmaster of
    I’d like permission to include you on a Learners page on the site.
    I can make a Guest directory on our site for your images if you’d like to share larger size files; you’d have control over the text on the entry for you.

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  5. Karyn Post author

    Way to go, Malachi! And Christian’s efforts were pretty amazing too. I’ve got 5 towers on my desk right now… and one of them is still standing from Monday night!

  6. Geof F. Morris

    … and one of them is still standing from Monday night!

    Can you imagine the conversations at Chez Traphagen?

    Karyn: [in a stage whisper] “MARK!”

    Mark: [in a normal voice] “Yes, dear?”

    K: “Shhhhh!”

    M: [quieter] “What!? Is someone breaking into the apartment?”

    K: “No! You’re just mumbling about Enns’s class too loudly! My rocks are wobbling and might take a tumble!”

    M: [mumbles]

    [OTOH, it’s nice to be able to make comments like, “My rocks are wobbling and might take a tumble!” here, rather than on the Random Board, where it would quickly become a perverse euphemism.]

    I’d be too inclined to make use of adhesives and epoxies to preserve these efforts … I guess too many years of Photoshopping makes me doubt stuff like this, even though I know it can certainly be done. [Mmmmm … cynicism on a Friday night.]

  7. Melissa

    How cool! Derek is going to start trying to build rocks as well. I will have to give him your pictures and website for his birthday present!! (Yes! He is 7 years old!) Melissa

  8. Karyn Post author

    Wow, they sure do grow up fast, Melissa! You need to take some pictures of Derek’s rock balancing and send them to me. Tell him I said “Happy Birthday!”

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