Astronomy the wicked step-sister of Biology?

BioLogos has a little post today about Astronomy. It is not an article, but it did remind me about a little pet peeve I have. It seems to me that Christians often focus all their attention on issues of biology and ignore the big questions that astronomy raises. I don’t have time today to put together a long post on this (packing and preparing for a conference), but I do think it merits some more discussion. What do you think? Does astronomy get the short end of the stick in discussions of origins?

3 thoughts on “Astronomy the wicked step-sister of Biology?

  1. John Murphy

    I don’t think astronomy gets the short end of the stick, it’s just that the discussion on both sides of the argument concentrates on biology, probably because the loudest voices are on the biology side. Hugh Ross at Reasons to Believe does an excellent job addressing astronomy.

  2. Karyn Post author

    Hi John,

    Thanks for stopping by. I agree that the loudest voices (on both sides) are those who discuss the issues in biology. I think this was my point. There are definitely people (all along the continuum) who engage the astronomy questions, but they are not highlighted in the same way, and this is what I was lamenting.


  3. Jim GEtz

    Karyn, I couldn’t agree more. It was when I started studying astronomy in college that my fundamentalist paradigm started to break apart. The biological front isn’t nearly as compelling (at least to me) as that of stellar development.

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