Accordance 101

Bought Accordance and feel lost? Only know how to find a scripture verse, copy and paste it into another program? Want to figure out how to tap into the power of the Accordance search?

Accordance Bible

Now you don’t have to wait to go to a seminar or borrow someone’s training DVD. It’s all available online for free now!! Here are the main categories of videos:

The Accordance Interface
Searching the Bible
Working with Search Results
Viewing Parallel Passages
The Bible Atlas
The Timeline
Doing Your Own Thing
Advanced Topics

Each main category has subtopics. For example, the “Searching the Bible” section includes separate videos for each of these topics:

  • The Search Window
    A preliminary look at the various pop-up menus, icons, and buttons in the Search window.
  • How to Search by Verses
    Look up verses by reference and avoid common mistakes.
  • Searching by Words and Phrases
    Construct powerful word searches using wildcard symbols and search commands. Highly Recommended!!!
  • Creating and Using Search Ranges
    Limit your searches to specific books, chapters, and/or verses of the Bible.
  • Working with Key Numbers
    Look up the Greek and Hebrew words behind popular English translations.
  • Searching More Than One Module
    Search multiple resources using the LINK command, Text and Tool Sets, and Search All.
  • Using the Simple Construct Window
    Create sophisticated searches using a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

So, you have no excuse… learn to use the best tool you already have. What are you waiting for? (And if you don’t own Accordance yet, take a peek at the videos to convince yourself that you should not wait any longer).

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