NASATweetup pins

#NASATweetup pins are ready to ship.

Thanks for your patience as I got caught up from the #MSL #NASATweetup. I’ve got about 250 of the twitter bird #NASATweetup pins available for alum. We sold out of the Curiosity pins, so they are now collector’s items! If we sell out of the #NASATweetup pins, I’ll reorder those because I think it is nice for all alum and future participants to have a chance to have one.

Cost is $3 each. Postage & Envelope is about $2.00. That works for 1-3 pins. 4 or 5 pins will be $2.50. So:
1 pin = $5.00 total
2 pins = $8.00 total
3 pins = $11.00 total
4 pins = $14.500 total
5 pins = $17.500 total

You can use PayPal to send me the payment. Since this is a non-profit venture (especially since the $3 price helped to cover the pins we gave to the NASA/JPL folks), please mark the payment as PERSONAL, so that I don’t have to pay fees to retrieve the money. Thanks. Email me your address too please!

If you prefer to mail me a check, email me and I’ll send you my address (I’ll also set the pins aside for you).

Email to use for Paypal: ktraphagen AT gmail DOT com

Feel free to share this info w fellow #NASATweetup tweeps.

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